About Us

What started as a personal interest and passion for the wonderful scents of essential oils and their remedial qualities, has over the years evolved into a multifaceted business. The sourcing and import of essential oils from far away and exotic places, be it eucalyptus oil from Australia, myrrh oil from Somalia or argan oil from Morocco, reflects the resourcefulness of the team. Going the extra mile to ensure that customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded has been the company’s credo since it has been established in 2006.

The distribution of hotel amenities and linen from two of the most renowned companies, La Bottega and Frette highlights the company’s strive to offer the best. For customers who prefer a more bespoke approach, Tranquilice has all the expertise to develop comprehensive hotel amenity concepts that are aligned with the branding and positioning.

When the cosmetic, beauty and epilation business was added, it was always understood that the products must be natural. The brands that are distributed by either Tranquilice or Botanic Essentials, the sister company, are for professional use and not available in retail. Selected products are available online for home use.